Covert Strike IG 2 Gameplay for All Missions

Here is the Amazing Game Play of IGI 2 Download for PC. The gameplay is having a combination of power and action. You will love this game if you like PubG and other shooting games. Many players of the game said that it requires some practice, but it is not as tough as other shooting games.

You will have the characters with several visuals and a great storyline. Also, you will have a connection to beat the enemies in the game. The storyline, weapons, and characters of this game are quite incredible. Best of all, you will have a shooting game that comes with incredible visuals and characters.

On the first look, this game will be challenging for the newbies. However, you will have simple instructions to play it. The following Video is the Game Play for All Missions.

The game involves the Enemy AI bots. You can easily hit the enemies straight into 100+ feet. You will have progress in the game if you have made a stealth strategy. Also, you will love the gameplay because it is made to play at a slow pace. On the other side, you will be better at making the strategies once you know clearly about them.