Covert Strike Project IG 2 All Missions

The mission of IGI 2 Download for PC Game will start once you know about the cutscene of your character. Moreover, you will have know-how on how to execute the mission. Plus, you will have a simple option to get the weapons and defending tools. You will have the GPS map to land on the place that you find most assisting.

On the other hand, you will have a GPS Map similar to the PubG & Free Fire for PC Game. You will have the IGI game similar to the prior version. Though there are some of the latest features in the game, it has better graphics than the previous one. The map that you will get in the game involves zoom over, in, out, and down.

You will have the most suitable cover positions, terrain, and buildings. Moreover, you will have the simplest strategy to counter-attack the enemies. The game will provide a satellite view, and you will have insights to look at the inner side of the buildings.

You will have a chance of making the game better than your enemy’s strategy. The game also comes with a peek function, and you can easily look over the obstacles around the tighter areas.

On the other hand, you will have gameplay mechanics and simple controls that are easily understandable. You won’t be experiencing any tough issues whilst starting the game.